Kala namak

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    his extraordinary herbal salt owes its color and its typical taste to traces of iron sulfides, sodium sulfate, and hydrogen sulfide. Also known as black salt, Kala Namak sulfur salt is grown mainly in India. The sulfur salt appears as a large crystal in pink, dark purple to black. Use Vitam’s Kala Namak sulfur salt to season egg substitutes of tofu or for vegetables and mushrooms! The special sulfur aroma is very suitable for seasoning scrambled egg tofu (scrambled egg from tofu) because it resembles the aroma of fresh eggs and therefore tofu tastes even better from the egg. Treat yourself to something special again and try this amazing salt!

    Scrambled tofu is of course also available here in the shop as a spice mixture!

    95% rock salt, 5% salsola broth (stone herb)
    * from controlled organic cultivation


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